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PriceFree14.99€/moHold 1 Deblock NFT
PriceFree14.99€/moHold 1 Deblock NFT

Instant transfersfreefreefree
SEPA paymentsfreefreefree
Bank depositsfreefreefree
Apple & Google Payfreefreefree
Currency accountsfreefreefree
P2P paymentfreefreefree
Free currency exchange (USD, GBP, ...)1000€/mounlimitedunlimited
International transfer fee - Discount0%50%100%

Physical debit cardGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
Free card express delivery033
NFT branded debit cardRed crossGreen checkGreen check
Virtual debit card11010
One-off card3 in a lifetimeunlimitedunlimited
Free ATM withdrawal amount100€/mo1000€/mo1000€/mo
Free number of ATM withdrawals1 per month3 per month3 per month
Cashback on card payments0%up to 1%up to 1%

Free number of crypto buy1 in a lifetime1 per monthunlimited
Buy crypto fee (EUR → Crypto)1%0.5%0%
Sell crypto fee (Crypto → EUR)3%1.5%0% - 0.5%
Crypto swap fee (Crypto → Crypto)1.5%0.75%0% - 0.5%
Convert % of salary payment to cryptofreefreefree
Store EUR in Stablecoins (EUR ↔ Stable)freefreefree