One of the best non-custodial wallets in the world?

A highly secure non-custodial wallet where your assets only belong to you.

Key Takeways

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  • The most secure wallet

    MPC (Multi-Party Computation) would require coordinated attacks on different and independent systems. Just hacking your phone isn't enough anymore.

  • Human-error tolerant

    No need to remember a seed phrase. Your shard of the key is backed up with multiple third-parties.

  • Always your keys. Always your crypto.

    Export the seed phrase whenever you want. Nobody but you can have access to your wallet. Your keys. Your crypto.

Multi-Party Computation

Your shard of the key (2)
  • Generated upon signup on your device.
  • Encrypted and backed-up in case you lose your phone.
Deblock's shard of the key (1)
  • Generated upon signup on Deblock's server.
  • Encrypted and stored in cold storage, in case a meteorite strikes our data centre.
The 2 shards are required in order to sign a transaction
  • Only your shard can initiate a transaction.
  • Deblock’s shard is passive.
Warning icone

A hacker would need to hack your device AND our servers to access your wallet. It's 2x more secure than just storing your keys on your device.

Human-error tolerant

Your encrypted shardđź”’ is backed-up in multiple locations and yet SAFE because it is always encrypted.

No need to remember a complicated seed phrase

If you lose your phone, delete the Deblock app or just change device... You only need to retrieve your encrypted shardđź”’ and then KYC again to decrypt it.

Always your keys

Request at any point in time your private key.

The app will download Deblock's encrypted shardđź”’ and decrypt it in your device.

The app will use your shard and Deblock’s shard on your device to reconstruct the wallet's private key and your seed phrase.

Warning icone

If you decide to use your wallet’s private key outside of the Deblock ecosystem, we will have to close your Deblock account

What if Deblock disappears?

And you have NO app and NO backup

Both your encrypted shardđź”’ and Deblock encrypted shardđź”’ will be released from cold storage.