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Your own IBAN
Your own Cryptoinformation logo

Deposit, Withdraw, Spend, Transfer and Exchange your Euro or your Crypto interchangeably

Backed by the best
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Forget your main
bank account

Get your own IBAN, instant transfers, physical/virtual cards, and multiple currencies at the best exchange rates.
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Nft card

Brand your card with your own NFT

Deposit your Crypto into your account

Unlimited crypto deposit and withdrawals. Unlimited exchange to EUR or Crypto.
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In Cash or in Crypto
It's up to you!

We'll handle the exchange of Crypto to EUR
under the hood based on your needs

Buy a car
with Crypto or EUR
Pay your rent
with Crypto or EUR
Get your salary
and change it to Crypto
Buy your coffee
with Crypto or EUR

Your Keys. Your assets.

This is self-custody. With or Without Deblock, 100% of your wallet is protected.

Your assets are always in your control.
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Investment carries risks of partial or total capital losses
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