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What exactly is Deblock?

What if you could merge your bank account with your non-custodial wallet?

Better than your main bank account

  • Your own sort code & account number
  • Multiple currencies
  • Free currency exchange
  • Open Banking

Undergoing the authorisation process with the FCAinformation logo

Stand out with a unique Debit Card...

  • Physical or Virtual Cards
  • Personalise your card with your own NFT
  • Apple and Google Pay compatible

One-off cards for maximum security

  • A new number generated after each use
  • Peace of mind when shopping online

Fully integrated with your crypto-assets

Deposit your

  • Deposit all of your crypto and NFTs
  • Exchange your crypto for GBP
  • Use your crypto to buy a house or a car by easily exchanging it to GBP

...in your self-custody

  • Your assets are always in your control
  • Your crypto is 100% safe, even if Deblock disappears
  • You can export your keys anytime